Big Blue Marble

Big Blue Marble
provides an introduction, viewers' memories, and a bulletin board dedicated to the show
review and cover image of BBM soundtrack

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"The Earth's a Big Blue Marble
when you see it from out there..."

Big Blue Marble Themes:

original theme
by Skip Redwine, arr. by Norman Paris, ©1973 Alphaventure musicians: D.K. Butterfield, L.J. Mauro, A. Rongo, F. Cerchia, N. Paris, G. Sanfino singers: D.Campbell, J. Olson; recorded for you from my old LP

"Closer" theme
artists unknown, sent in by another fan of the show, Ad Platin. Thanks!

Big Blue Marble Info:

The creation and the production of Big Blue Marble was funded by the now defunct International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, 320 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022

The Big Blue Marble soundtrack was released on A&M Records in 1974.  It can be found in second-hand and thrift shop record bins and through collectors in magazines, such as Goldmine.

The "Dear Pen Pal" feature of the show gave children the opportunity to correspond by mail with children in other countries of the world.  Many of those kids are still writing to one another today.  Read their stories or perhaps find your old Big Blue Marble penpal at Yesterdayland.  The old address for the program was Dear Pen Pal, Box 4054, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, USA.

River Phoenix and the actress who plays Gina on the Martin Lawrence show were both on Big Blue Marble and Loree Jon Jones, billiard champion, was once featured.

Is the show back in circulation?

The marble character above is based on those on the show. I whipped it up for you.

Saving the theme songs:

PC: Right click on a link above for one of the two Big Blue Marble themes and select "save link as."
Mac: Click and hold on link to desired theme and select "save as."